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Endo ACCORD65 series


Compact and bright
Despite it’s modest size, this series packs a punch, and is perfectly capable of being used as the main lights.
With some models reaching closer to 100 Im/w, this efficient, and Iow glare fixture is perfect for an office

Low glare, yet highly efficient
The fixed and adjustable downlights come with 30 degree and 40 degree cut-off respectively_
Achieving glare rating of UGR<19, and some models reaching as high as 100 Irn/w, the ACCORD65 series is a well balanced downlight
Further more, the usual lens and louver accesories are available to further enhance the quality of the light

Easy and practical
Just like the flagship GLARE-LESS series, ACCORD65 adjustable downlights can be tilted and rotated without having to remove the fixture from the ceiling. The fixture
can also be removed from the trim, allowing for a damage-free, easy maintenance.

We also have cylinder housings for the adjustable downlights, as well as different trim options.


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