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Delta PUNK

Step away from brave, alter yourself and dare to dare.
This spiked design family breathes creativity and allows
you to play with light and texture. To integrate the Punk
experience throughout your project, the Punk design is
available as a Clip version, as pendants, wall luminaires
and in the XY180 range. Available in Black, Gold Coloured
and Black Pure, a Black coloured finish with pure aluminum
topped spikes.
Don’t be deceived: Punk Clip may look small with its
diameter of only 39mm, its performance is big! The Clip
system lets you install Punk as a semi-recessed light, only
letting the luminaire head peeking out of the ceiling.
With its particular design, the pendant versions of Punk
make a statement on their own, but hanging them in a
cluster make them look like a real eye-catcher. Combining
different Punk lengths and different finishing colours makes
a unique setting out of every Punk cluster.


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