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Uplift your creativity with Mikaline! As a set of tools, Mikaline let’s you paint lines of light
without limits, with the room as a blank canvas and the wall, floor or ceiling as a starting
point, you can go any direction you want.
The toolset consists of a range of profiles with sandblasted optics for general lighting or
shielded LED dots with a low UGR for task lighting, several connectors to couple up to 4
profiles together, a handful of fixations to joint the profiles with wall or ceiling and a series
of plug-in cables for an easy electrical supply of the system.
With up to 10m of profile from 1 feeding point, the 48V powered Mikaline is perfect to
build structures for spacious environments and at the same time easily fits in smaller
scaled rooms. Create frameworks that light up the room completely, opt for a cosy setting
with only indirect light towards the wall or go for a pure linear pattern with dedicated task
lighting, possibilities are endless and customizable to individual preferences.
Mikaline is not only appealing as a structure, also the design of the toolset itself is pure
eyecandy. The dark black structured lines are in powerful contrast with the shiny chromed
connection sets. The playful shape of the cable connectors add a joyful element into the
linear patters and the options of Gold Coloured as a finish add a luxurious touch and feel
to it. Like brush strokes on a black canvas.


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