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The evolution of building automation systems for hospitals comes as the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies have lowered the costs of automation and are opening up new opportunities for creating safe, healthy, and efficient environments. 

Gone are the days when building automation meant simple control over heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Today, building systems of all types are being integrated with smart sensors, advanced analytics, centralized control systems, and wireless IP network connectivity, expanding the possibilities of building management in healthcare. While this can have a significant impact on operational costs, it can also do something even more valuable: it can help people.

Access Control System

To manage the risks that hospitals face and to ensure a comprehensively protected environment for patients and staff, security directors must implement integrated and progressive security solutions. And one of the most important components of any system that's deployed is access control technology. Using an access control solution allows hospital security authorities to divide the facility's extensive area into controllable, role-based zones that are interconnected through a single platform. Access control covers not just main entrance doors, but also internal entrances and exits based on location and access level, which means that all methods of entering, exiting, or moving around the facility can be actively monitored.

Benefits of Access Control in Healthcare

Hospitals demand a security system that can handle the heavy traffic generated each day without interfering with critical activities. A traditional key-based system won’t be able to manage this level of activity. However, using a more highly advanced solution, like electronic access control, can provide numerous benefits.

Automatic Hermetically Sealed Door System

Hermetically Sealed Doors are made specifically for places like hospitals, clean rooms, and laboratories where preserving air quality, maintaining hygienic conditions, and controlling air leakage are essential. Hermetically sealed sliding doors help to control the air pressure, which is of prime importance in hospitals. In comparison to conventional door types, these doors are designed for easier accessibility and better use of available space. Providing the highest possible degree of hygiene, our doors have unique tight sealing technology which enables them to reduce cross contamination and air infection.

Types Of Hermetic Doors

  • Hermetic Sliding Door
  • Hermetic Hinged Door
Automatic Swing Door System

Our Automatic swing door is an industry-leading door system for hospitals, outpatient care clinics, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. They ensure that people going in, out, and through a building are comfortable and safe. By detecting motion towards the door and a presence near it, our opening and safety sensors improve the everyday experience of using swing doors. We are aware of the challenging circumstances that healthcare facilities face daily. With a significant volume of visitors and workers passing through their doors each day, usually in a 24-hour environment, it is essential that the doors work efficiently.

Features Of Automatic Swing Door

  • The working parameters can be adjusted directly on the controller.
  • Adjustable closing speeds allow a motorized door to close sooner for energy savings or slower for increased pedestrian safety.
  • Accessories can be connected to the controller directly.
  • Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during electric door opening/closing.
  • Integrate with access control systems.
  • Modular design, maintenance-free construction, easy installation and replacement.
Boom Barrier

Automatic boom barriers provide security at the exit and entry points of industrial units, offices, corporate houses, residential areas, parking lots, toll tax plazas, etc. Automatic barriers can successfully control both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It can be used to improve security. High performance Boom Barriers offered by Area27. Automations are suitable for any type of installation atmosphere. The wide range of lengths and accessories offered guarantees that all installation requirements are fulfilled.

Intelligent Building Management System

Hospital facilities managers must be able to use the information to improve the efficiency of their buildings and assist their hospitals to achieve their missions. A system that integrates information management from all hospital sub-systems such as fire safety, air quality, and security HVAC into a common,centrally-monitored building solution can help reduce energy usage, streamline maintenance, improve occupant comfort, safety, and security, comply with hospital building codes, and enhance sustainability. An integrated building system improves efficiencies and lowers overhead costs.

A single solution for complex building needs

Simplify the integration of building systems with other areas of your business. Maintain optimal energy and operational efficiency. And ensure occupant comfort and well-being with adaptable solutions to meet your changing building needs. EcoStruxure Building enables you to monitor and measure performance throughout the one-stop solution Building Operation and improve the combined software life cycle of the building. Our StruxureWare IM and field-level control devices and hardware are combined with engineering, installation, services, and analytics to create seamlessly connected buildings.

Integrated systems and products for smarter buildings

Our comprehensive EcoStruxure Building solution allows the exchange of data and analysis from energy, lighting, HVAC, and fire safety systems, while using digitalization and big data to make buildings smarter and access to action more efficient. Get information and future-ready your building with the latest features and advanced technologies.

IP Video Surveillance System / CCTV

In hospitals and healthcare facilities, video surveillance is an effective tool not only for increasing security but also for controlling costs. Surveillance cameras can help protect hospital staff and patients from security breaches, while also providing valuable video evidence that can be used to increase productivity and prevent allegations of dishonesty. IP video technology provides greater flexibility for hospital video surveillance installations, along with features such as remote video surveillance and more efficient storage capabilities

Few Benefits Of Hospital Video Surveillance

  • INCREASE OVERALL SECURITY AND SAFETY:Security cameras strategically installed around a hospital helps in the prevention of crimes and break-ins, while also allowing operators to keep an eye out for troubled patients and monitor for unauthorized visitors in restricted areas.
  • PREVENT DISHONEST CLAIMS: In cases when patients or visitors falsely claim to have been injured on hospital property, video evidence from the facility’s security cameras can disprove such claims, saving the hospital from expensive unwarranted insurance claims.
  • IMPROVE WORKER  PRODUCTIVITY: The presence of surveillance cameras on the sites can improve communication between hospital departments or buildings, allowing for increased productivity.
  • VISUAL  EVIDENCE  FOR  INVESTIGATIONS: Surveillance cameras can provide important video evidence for criminal investigations and other specific events in or around medical facilities.
  • REMOTE VIDEO MONITORING: IP surveillance allows hospital personnel to remotely view security camera footage from any PC with a network connection. All the camera views are accessible online over the Internet, allowing multiple sites to communicate over the same network.
  • CONTINUOUS REAL-TIME MONITORING: IP surveillance allows authorized hospital employees to continuously monitor critical areas in real time from their personal computers.
Conference Room Audio & Video Systems

We provide professional analysis and design recommendations for conference room audio-visual systems in order to deliver the desired sound and visual reproduction. To give the best audio and visual clarity, we custom design AV systems, medical simulation observation systems, and other technologies for healthcare conference rooms, lecture halls, classrooms, training rooms, learning laboratories, huddle rooms, and other meeting rooms. Our healthcare AVs are designed to provide expandable, adjustable, and premium audio-visual systems with simple controls and operation. Long-term AV Technology Master Planning is another one of our offerings. As your healthcare organization grows and advances in technology, you will be able to easily adapt, innovate, and upgrade technology, applications, systems, and procedures

Digital Signage Display System

Healthcare providers are frequently confronted with critical, and often life-threatening, problems. Hospitals and clinics must be easily accessible and suitable for every visitor or patient, no matter their age or condition. Not surprisingly, these facilities serve a continuous flow of visitors, most of whom are unfamiliar with their surroundings. To top it all off, Throughout the day, it's important to keep the staff, visitors, and patients informed, inspired, and delighted. Healthcare providers must ensure everyone's health and well-being. The larger the site, the more complex the challenge. It's an important role, and one that is being increasingly fulfilled by digital signage.

Emergency Exit Signages

In a hospital environment, the right safety equipment can make the difference between an effective exit and a disaster. A dark hallway or a non-functional exit sign might prevent an entire floor from finding its way out of a burning building or other sorts of emergency scenario. Even with lighting and other safety measures, the combination of several floors and medical equipment is risky. Hospital safety exit signs guide visitors, employees, and patients to the nearest exit point. If these things are placed in the proper areas and contain effective products, an evacuation will take place quickly and with fewer injuries.

Addressable Fire Detection & Alarm System

Fire safety is a fundamental mission of every hospital. Fire safety starts with fire detection, which means everything from components (sensors, activation devices, annunciators, and control panels) to integrated systems. We are leaders in this important area because of our deep expertise in developing reliable and advanced fire detection products and technologies. Our customers rely on our experience developing and deploying solutions with a wide range of global partners. We use the latest technological advancements to raise the bar with more adaptable, scalable, and automated technologies to help you protect your people and assets

Control Panel

Our fire alarm control panels are the heart of a reliable and scalable fire and life-safety communications system. They are intelligent, configurable, and expandable, allowing them to fulfill a wide range of applications. We also provide low-cost ways to maintain or expand your capabilities, such as product features, system design, training, risk assessments, and ongoing maintenance.

Fire Alarm System

Our solutions are affordable and simple to use, with flexible wire design and self-testing capabilities. Whether you require notice via SMS, horns, strobes, or speakers, our advanced addressable notification systems can assist in making protecting people, property, and business operations more reliable and cost-effective.

Fire Proof Doors

Fire is a serious danger that can cause extensive property damage to hospitals, serious injury, and death. Hence, you are advised to get a fire door or a fire-rated door to protect the safety of the people who will be using your medical facility.

Automatic Sliding Glass Door

Automatic sliding glass doors help improve accessibility in a hospital lobby and allow hospital staff to move quickly and easily between hallways and rooms, especially in emergencies. Area27 can provide industry-leading technology that will allow patients and employees at a hospital or other medical facility to move as freely as possible. We present you with a wide range of automatic hospital doors so that we can create a real-world solution for almost any need.

IP-PBX System With Call Center Software

In the modern medical era with robot surgeries, drones, and telemedicine, it's easy to neglect simple communication platforms like your phone system. However, your phone system is still an important way for patients and doctors to connect. If your organization still uses a traditional phone system, it's time to learn about the benefits of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). VoIP, which transmits calls over the Internet rather than traditional phone lines, is rapidly changing the way healthcare organizations across the country communicate with their doctors, patients and staff.

Benefits of VoIP in Hospitals


A VoIP phone solution helps to provide best possible healthcare to patients by providing effective and efficient teamwork among staff as well as communications between patients and doctors.


Doctors can work with other doctors remotely using video conferencing. As a result, doctors can establish links or networks that provide them with guidance and assistance.


Hospital administrators can transfer calls to a specific department or medical personnel to answer inquiries or help in patient care during after-hours and emergencies using call management features such as hunt groups, find me/follow me, call forwarding, and call conferencing (including video conferencing). They can also talk to hospital employees or other health-care professionals who work in both the hospital and the office.

Staff Member

VoIP phone systems help doctors and medical staff members communicate and cooperate more effectively in order to improve operational procedures and provide top-quality patient care.

IT & Networking

Today's healthcare organizations are balancing the complexity of digital transformation with modern technology, ensuring safety and compliance, and dealing with age-old difficulties such as streamlining procedures and maintaining connectivity—all to drive better patient experience. As a leading provider of networking solutions, Area27 brings a wide range of services over a single, unified network, fulfilling the needs of today's organizations both now and in the future. We are dedicated to improving the procurement and management of services and applications, leading to more effective solutions with increased value and lower operating costs

Intelligent and Automated Network Management

AMF can manage networks that cover multiple locations and time zones, allowing it to support multi-site businesses. AMF is simple to use, whether your network covers the campus or the continent. With plug-and-play functionality, you can support local and distant business growth. Extend the advantages of AMF network intelligence across thousands of network switches, firewalls, and third-party devices with an AMF Controller.


The SwitchBlade and xSeries switches, with the AlliedWare PlusTM operating system, provide scalable and adaptable switching solutions for today’s rapidly changing business and service provider networks from the edge to the core. These AMF-enabled switches save network operating costs by automating and simplifying many day-to-day tasks. We provide enterprise data center switches, extended temperature products for industries, and unmanaged WebSmart switches for small and medium businesses.

Nurse Call System

Patients' care is undoubtedly the main aim of all hospitals and nursing homes. Consequently, each patient requires one dedicated line of communication so that he or she may draw the attention of a nurse from his or her bed whenever needed. Patients seek good doctors, high-quality medical equipment, and timely care. Hence, it is essential to build up a secure method for patients to communicate with nurses and doctors and request their help. Our Nurse Call System is designed with the importance of superior nursing in today's society in mind, and it provides priority. Installing our NCS in the hospital allows for more efficient management of nursing staff.

Nursing care operations may be greatly reduced thanks to the advanced capabilities of the Nurse calling system. This idea already starts with basic things like separate voice communication between patient and nurse, which saves the nurse unnecessary walking around and hence a lot of time.

But the options are endless. For example, in the future, vital signs monitoring can be connected, preventing the need for a nurse to enter the room. The vital signs monitoring automatically raise an alarm if a critical value is exceeded.

The new technology also simplifies documentation and billing. By integrating them to Clinic Information Systems, many documentation procedures are simplified or automated. Presence and calls are automatically recorded and documented, making it much easier to pay health insurance funds and insurance companies.

Public Address System

Looking for an integrated public address and voice alarm system that is extremely flexible, enjoyable, and trustworthy for your hospital? Our Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System is just what you want, with its Excellent Quality, Expert Design, and Extra Benefits.

Gets your message across, no matter what

With over 20,000 installed systems worldwide, Our PA System is the most established solution for demanding public address and emergency voice evacuation applications. Excellent sound quality, operational flexibility, and a continuous quality improvement programme ensure that our PA system leads the market. The use of a digital signal processor allows the user to have complete control over the PA system. Users can broadcast background music to a number of specified PA zones while simultaneously making an audio announcement to other individuals or designated zones.

Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System

Our Digital Public Address systems provide the public with an easy way to distribute information and entertainment, while also offering incredible scalability and customizability. Operating via an IP network provides maximum system flexibility, including dynamic grouping of PA zones with no restriction on the number of groups or zones in a group. This allows customers to create site-specific IP PA systems to ensure total audio coverage across all buildings, areas and/or jurisdictions.