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Residential & Apartments solutions

With the quote ‘Live Life Brilliantly!’ In the back of our minds, smart home solutions are among the primary areas of interest. Connecting smart devices to work in unison and delivering truly intelligent home technology makes life more convenient, safe, and enjoyable.

Access Control System

Strengthen the security and convenience of your house with a state-of-art access control system. These security systems allow you to easily control who has access to your house, as well as monitor and track entrance and exit, providing an extra layer of protection for your family and property. This system is designed to use key cards, smartphone applications, or biometric identifiers like fingerprints or face recognition, you'll never have to worry about carrying around a set of keys or remembering lock combinations. Customization options allow you to specify various access levels for different individuals and areas of your home, and also receive alerts and notifications when doors are locked or unlocked. Moreover, access may be easily removed or updated as necessary, providing the user a high level control over who has access to your house. A house access control system is a smart investment that provides comprehensive home security and convenience.

Automatic Swing Door System

Automatic swing door systems use sensors and motors to automatically open and close doors, providing improved accessibility, security, energy efficiency, and convenience in residential and apartment buildings. These systems can be programmed to only open for authorized users and can help reduce energy costs by preventing drafts and controlling the flow of air. Automatic swing doors offer a more convenient and accessible entrance and exit experience for residents and visitors.

Features Of Automatic Swing Door

  • The working parameters can be adjusted directly on the controller.
  • Adjustable closing speeds allow a motorized door to close sooner for energy savings or slower for increased pedestrian safety.
  • Accessories can be connected to the controller directly.
  • Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during electric door opening/closing.
  • Integrate with access control systems.
  • Modular design, maintenance-free construction, easy installation and replacement.
Home Automation

Home automation technology has revolutionized the way we live, allowing us to control and monitor various aspects of our homes from the convenience of our smartphones and tablets.Upgrade your home with the latest technology from top home automation brands such as Lutron, Control4, Legrand, and Schneider. These brands offer innovative solutions for lighting, climate control, audio and video systems, security, and more. With easy-to-use interfaces, customizable options, and energy-efficient technology, home automation will make your life more comfortable and convenient while also saving you money.

Technical Architectural lightings

Our cutting-edge Technical Architectural Lighting with Delta and Endo systems. Our customizable and energy-efficient lighting solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into any architectural project, from commercial spaces to residential homes. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized service and support to ensure that you receive the perfect lighting solution for your unique needs. Choose our Delta and Endo lighting systems for unparalleled flexibility, control, and performance. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation with one of our lighting experts.

Boom Barrier

Automatic boom barriers provide security at the exit and entry points of industrial units, offices, corporate houses, residential areas, parking lots, toll tax plazas, etc. Automatic barriers can successfully control both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It can be used to improve security. High performance Boom Barriers offered by Area27. Automations are suitable for any type of installation atmosphere. The wide range of lengths and accessories offered guarantees that all installation requirements are fulfilled.

IP Video Surveillance System / CCTV

In today's society, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure the safety and security of our homes and workplaces. One effective way is to use electronic surveillance, commonly known as CCTV (closed-circuit television). With CCTV, you can monitor your property from any location with an internet connection. This technology allows you to watch live or recorded video from any camera on your property. This type of surveillance has various benefits, including preventing burglaries and other crimes, defending against intrusions, and helping in the identification of perpetrators. Furthermore, CCTV systems can be easily accessible and monitored remotely, making it easy to keep an eye on your property even when you are not present. Overall, CCTV is a low-cost option that can give you peace of mind while also protecting your property.

Emergency Exit Signages

Homeowners have a responsibility to guarantee the safety of their family and guests, and one way to do this is to properly install home emergency exit signage. During an emergency event, such as a fire or natural disaster, these signs provide clear and easy-to-follow directions to the nearest exit, allowing people to leave the building swiftly and effectively. By giving clear and straightforward instructions, they not only help to prevent panic and confusion but also save lives. These signs should be put strategically throughout the home, such as in hallways and near bedrooms, to ensure that everyone can easily find their way to safety. Proper emergency exit signage saves lives.

Addressable Fire Detection & Alarm System

An addressable fire detection and alarm system is a fire safety system designed for use in residential and apartment buildings. It uses sensors and devices to detect and locate fires or smoke, alerting building occupants and emergency responders. The system can also activate sprinkler and ventilation systems to help control the spread of the fire. An addressable fire detection and alarm system helps protect residents and staff by providing early warning of fires and mitigating damage caused by fires.

Control Panel

Our fire alarm control panels are the heart of a reliable and scalable fire and life-safety communications system. They are intelligent, configurable, and expandable, allowing them to fulfill a wide range of applications. We also provide low-cost ways to maintain or expand your capabilities, such as product features, system design, training, risk assessments, and ongoing maintenance.

Fire Alarm System

Our solutions are affordable and simple to use, with flexible wire design and self-testing capabilities. Whether you require notice via SMS, horns, strobes, or speakers, our advanced addressable notification systems can assist in making protecting people, property, and business operations more reliable and cost-effective.

Fire Proof Doors

Fire proof doors are an important safety feature in residential and apartment buildings, designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the event of an emergency. There are several types of fire proof doors available, including solid core, hollow core, and fire-rated doors. It is important to choose the right type of door and ensure that it is properly installed and maintained to ensure its effectiveness in protecting against fire and smoke.

IP-PBX System With Call Center Software

IP-PBX systems with call center software are used to manage communication within a residential or apartment building. The system allows residents to make and receive calls, access voicemail, and communicate with other residents and staff using an IP phone or other device. The call center software can be used to route calls, track customer interactions, and automate tasks such as appointment scheduling and maintenance requests. This can help improve communication and streamline operations within the building.

IT & Networking

Today, home networking is increasing in popularity as more and more people look for ways to maintain relationships with their loved ones. Users may use home networking to exchange files, access the internet, and even stream media from one device to another. It also provides a secure connection for all of your devices, ensuring the security and privacy of your data. With the help of home networking, you can easily access the internet from any device in your home, making it easier to stay connected with the world around you. Home networking is an essential part of modern society, and staying connected has become increasingly important.

Intelligent and Automated Network Management

AMF can manage networks that cover multiple locations and time zones, allowing it to support multi-site businesses. AMF is simple to use, whether your network covers the campus or the continent. With plug-and-play functionality, you can support local and distant business growth. Extend the advantages of AMF network intelligence across thousands of network switches, firewalls, and third-party devices with an AMF Controller.


The SwitchBlade and xSeries switches, with the AlliedWare PlusTM operating system, provide scalable and adaptable switching solutions for today’s rapidly changing business and service provider networks from the edge to the core. These AMF-enabled switches save network operating costs by automating and simplifying many day-to-day tasks. We provide enterprise data center switches, extended temperature products for industries, and unmanaged WebSmart switches for small and medium businesses.