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Supernova is an extensive range of pure geometrically formed
lighting fixtures that guarantee powerful illumination and atmosphere.
The range comes in different diameters and application possibilities.
Supernova features in-house developed printed circuit boards
specifically engineered to provide a uniform illumination of the
polycarbonate. Small to large, recessed to suspended, for general
lighting to office applications, the Supernova range features all you
As a plus, presence control and daylight simulation can be done
thanks to the optional presence detection and the tunable white
versions of the Supernova.
The recessed version is a particularly eye-catching option in the
Supernova range, thanks to its tilted application.
A recessed kit facilitates installation, allows you to customize the depth
and angle of the Supernova, and ensures the inner workings of the
fitting are concealed within the ceiling.
Surface mounted, Supernova is a timeless lighting solution that
guarantees powerful illumination and striking atmosphere, blending
harmonically into its space. Its uninterrupted circular form and neutral
character enhance any room, from hotel lobbies to corridors to shops,
or any other type of project.
A suspended Supernova uses four delicate steel cords to enable an
easy suspension. The down-up version features a polycarbonate on
top to avoid dust entering the fixture and guaranteeing a pleasant and
an immaculate indirect light effect. Thanks to the transparent supply
cable and the trimless suspension kit you can opt for a very clean and
minimalistic ceiling suspension.
The evolution in LED allowed for a more
minimalistic design, visible within Supernova
Flat. It combines the Supernova characteristics
with a more subtle housing, creating a neat
and modern look. Combined with a prismatic
cover, Supernova Flat offers a lighting solution
suitable for office and school application as
its UGR remains below 19. Available for direct
or direct-indirect lighting or with a soft uplight
accent in Supernova Flat Smooth Up.


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