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No two lighting schemes are identical. Different geometries, different heights, different
needs, there is more than only one factor that impacts a lighting setup.
The Fragma range easily adapts to any variable infl uencing the project, thanks to a
multitude in optics, lumen packages and dimming possibilities. Its simple design and its
circular shape let you use Fragma throughout the project, as it blends in perfectly in any
architectural environment, combining clean cut optical performance, light quality and
visual comfort.
Fragma is based on Delta Light’s LED Caset technology, which combines multiple LEDs
with individual collimator lenses per LED to
generate a clean-cut light distribution. The individual lenses create a multi-layered light
distribution to generate a 80 superspot or 140 beam angle as standard. Be it for the
smaller version or the high-power Fragma, by concentrating the lenses together, the light
distribution will be the same thanks to the multilayering process.
Our Fragma luminaires can be used for simple switch on-switch off settings, but also
come in different dimmable versions, be it I-IOV,
DALI, with on-board potentiometer or even wireless.
I-IOV dimmable Fragma spots allow for simple group dimming on track level, while our
other dimmable versions can be used for
individual dimming per spot. This going from individual handset dimming with the on-
board potentiometer version, over the DALI addressable version controlled by a DALI
master, till the wireless version based on CTRL Delta, offering solutions for both small and
big installations. All Fragma versions require a 3 phase track. However our wireless and
on-board dimmable Fragma spots do not need additional dimming wiring within the 3
phase track and in this way offer an easier approach on flexible and individual dimming.
Light is not only about light effects, it also affects the well-being of the passer-by. Good
light quality is of main importance, as it influences the passer-by in an indirect way. CRI
90, good Colour Over Angle uniformity and uniform luminance on the emitting surface are
some of the characteristics that let Fragma excel in light quality.
In a direct way, the passer-by is influenced by the light when directly looking into the light
source. To reduce the direct impact
on the passer-by, Fragma offers multiple accessories to further improve its visual comfort.


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