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Ventilation louvres are an indispensable part of every home. They
bring fresh outdoor air into the building, and they allow polluted
indoor air to escape. In doing so, they help reduce the volume of
harmful substances and humid air in your home, contributing to a
healthy indoor climate along the way.
The term ‘ventilation louvre’ is also occasionally used for window
vents installed in or on a window. A window ventilation system uses
these air supply vents as part of a centralised ventilation system.

Ventilation louvres are used to draw air into a home, extract air from a home and move air throughout a home. They are used both outdoors and indoors.
In an external wall, they are placed in a facade opening, and they offer protection against rain, vermin, burglars or noise. They are used to bring fresh air into the home or extract
polluted and humid air from the home. To name just a few examples, ventilation louvres are used to allow fresh air to enter basements, to extract the polluted and humid air
captured by kitchen extractor hoods or generated by tumble dryers, and much more.
Indoors, ventilation louvres are often used to aesthetically conceal a vent used to bring air in, extract air out or move air around. You might spot them on interior walls, ceilings,
doors, cupboards, or in the floor, for example. Adjustable louvres or vents also often serve as the finishing touch to a central ventilation system.
For these and other applications, Renson has a wide range of ventilation louvres available, each of which can be finished in the colour and shape of your choice to ensure perfect
integration into the design of your home.


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