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Properly rested every day with night
Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t easy in the height of summer.
Once the heat is home — and especially in your
bedroom — it gets much, much harder to sleep. Night cooling
boosts your sleep by flushing your home using cooler outdoor air at
night. That way, you can get the mercury to drop by a few more
Night cooling vents or night ventilation allow cooler outdoor air to circulate around your home at night, following hot summer days. This has a positive effect on the temperature
indoors: by the next morning, the mercury will have dropped by a few more degrees, which makes a whole world of difference during periods of heat.

Is night cooling right for me?
Unless you are immune to overheating or love nothing
more than bathing in sweat overnight, night cooling is
likely to be the right solution for you. In summer, it often
gets too hot indoors very_gujckly_. When this happens,
night cooling is the perfect solution: liveable
temperatures, future-oriented and subtly integrated into
your interior and faqade.


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