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Extra living space with ease
Are you getting the most out of your balcony? Solar shading from
Renson gives you control over your privacy, prevents overheating
and gives you shelter from the wind all year round. This allows you
to enjoy your patio even more often and more intensely.

Outdoor blinds on your balcony allows you to prevent overheating and to protect yourself – and any company you may be keeping. Pleasant temperatures are of course the
biggest advantage of your balcony outdoor blinds. But there is more:
@ Unlike a sun protection screen, a balcony outdoor blind is windproof and can be used safely all year round.
@ Sun protection fabric is an ideal way to guarantee your privacy on your balcony. It prevents people from looking in, while retaining the view outside.
@ The sun is blocked out but the daylight on your balcony and the rest of the house is further maximised. The result is that you are able to create the ideal climate on your patio.

Fully automatic outdoor blinds for
extra convenience
Of course, Renson provides simple control of the outdoor
blinds for your balcony via a remote control or via the
app. But fully automatic operation is even easier. by
installing sensors for your outdoor blinds, the outdoor
blind will roll down automatically when the sun’s heat or
the wind reaches a certain level. This is the easiest way to
enjoy a pleasant outdoor experience. Of course, you can
intervene at any time via the remote control or app.


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