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More space for living as a literal extension to your home. That’s
what a Renson lean-to pergola offers. Whether you are looking to
fit a new kitchen, create a playroom for the kids or want a space
where you can work or relax, configuring your ideal pergola is
simple. Shadow in summer and protection in winter with maximum
natural light and contemporary comfort, exactly what you need to
enjoy your new living space to the full.

In terms of style, materials and technical gadgets, the sky is the limit for your lean-to pergola. Each model offers its own benefits but a fantastic living experience is guaranteed with
all of them. Based on your daily routines and the ways you use your space — with a particular focus on the space you are lacking today — we will suggest the model that best suits
your needs and wishes.

A lean-to pergola gives you more space to enjoy life to the full. That is a pretty convincing argument by itself, but the benefits of this type of pergola do not end there. We have
listed them for you below:
When it’s raining, there is no need to walk across the wet grass or through the drizzle to reach your pergola. You can simply step straight into it from your home, without
getting soaked. This also comes in handy when you need to head back in to fetch extra drinks or snacks.
A lean-to pergola forms a buffer against the cold and serves as an extra layer of insulation for your faqade. That way, you can save on heating costs.
Traditionally, your facade is completely exposed to the elements. Bright sunlight, heavy rain or hail: they all put the outer face of your building to the test. A lean-to pergola
adds extra protection to at least one of your facades.
Investing in a lean-to pergola is bound to add value to your home. In other words, it is the smart choice to make for both today and tomorrow.


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