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Renson Algarve Canvas is a stylish pergola with a fixed roof that consists of two ingenious layers for an extra strong result. The top layer is a powder coated steel plate with anti-
condensation coating. An aesthetic stretch screen ceiling is fitted below. This elegant screen fabric with a soft appearance is available in eight shades to match your home. On top
of that, you can join several Algarve pergolas together to create a truly vast covered space.
You are always protected from the elements underneath this fixed roof pergola. To create even more of a cocoon, simply add side elements. Choose stylish sliding panels, a fixed
horizontal aluminium louvre wall or glass sliding panels to retain a view of your garden. Finish your pergola with Fixscreen solar shading to block out the bright sunlight or add in
LED lighting to continue enjoying your fixed roof pergola in the evenings.

Configure your ideal pergola
Who would not want to make the most of outdoor living?
Your pergola is the spot where you can find absolute zen.
Configure your ideal pergola in our configurator,
completely in line with your taste and style. Save your
configuration or send it straight to an official Renson
Ambassador near you to see your dreams come true.


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