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The Renson Algarve louvered pergola is extremely versatile. It can be installed as a lean-to or freestanding structure, and you can even join multiple pergolas together.
Contemporary, traditional or modern home? Thanks to the extensive colour combinations we offer and our unique Classic Line with decorative frames and ornaments, Renson
Algarve always matches the style of your home and garden. The louvres in the Renson Algarve roof can be rotated through 1500. That way, the amount of shade and ventilation can
always be set to your exact requirements at the time. When closed, the louvres are water-repellent, and after a shower, the water is drained in a controlled manner via the
integrated water drainage system.
Countless side elements and options are available to turn your pergola into a cosy cocoon. Go for tasteful outdoor curtains or opt for a sun and wind-resistant screen fabric with a
crystal window to retain a perfect view of your garden. Integrate a music or heating system as well, and your Renson Algarve will soon become your favourite place to relax!

Configure your ideal pergola
Who would not want to make the most of outdoor living?
Your pergola is the spot where you can find absolute zen.
Configure your ideal pergola in our configurator,
completely in line with your taste and style. Save your
configuration or send it straight to an official Renson
Ambassador near you to see your dreams come true.


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