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Endo Synca


1. Breaking boundaries of tunable white
Unlike traditional tunable white ranging from 2700K to 6500K,
Synca’s color temperature ranges from clear blue sky at 12000K to
candle light at 1800K. Synca closely follows the Planckian locus
and can replicate vast colors of natural light.

2. Not just a wide color temperature range
In addition to the color temperature range, Synca offers 121 colors.
It replicates natural phenomenons and seasons using paletone
colors, and blends into environment naturally.

3. Tonality adjustment (Duv)
Offers tonality adjustment to suit various application. Adjust the
reddishness or greenishness to make skin appear healthier, or
plants look more lively.
*Duv: The value of distance away from the Planckian locus (P, uv) multiplied by
1000. The more negative the value, the redder it is. Higher the value, the greener
it is.


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