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Endo GLARE-LESS series


| 1. Deep glare cut angle
40 degree cut angle as a standard .Bigger the cut-off angle, the
more the visible glare is reduced GLARE-LESS series come with
a 40 degree cut-off angle.

| 2. Glare-less design and finish
The cone is designed to minimize fixture presence. lare-less series minimizes light reflection on the cone with precise beam
control of the inner reflector. The mirror cone is finished using electropolishing, and is more scratch resistant than vapor

| 3. Rich line-up of lighting distribution
The beam angle variation has been greatly expanded, including
the new 10 degrees super narrow.
The GLARE-LESS series covers Fixed, Adjustable and Wall
Washer downlights, with a consistent design and appearance
across the range.

| 4. Option accessories
In order to meet more technical lighting design demands,
accessories such as honeycomb louver and diffusion lenses are

| 5. Reduced light leakage
GLARE-LESS series is designed to minimize light leakage.
Adjustable has a sliding cover to prevent visibility behind ceiling.


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