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Power range and beams comparable to
larger fixtures
Dont judge a book by its cover The MINI series’ 700TYPE (max ca.8701m) is powerful enough to be used as
the main lights for projects like residences, lounges, and restaurants, despite its compact size- The series also
retains great glare control and lighting distribution, and is even available as a tunable white.

Rich lineup of lighting distribution
The MINI series doesn’t compromise on beam angle selection either. In particular, the super narrow achieves below 10 degrees, and can illuminate with pinpoint
precision. Just like the Glare-less series, the cone is engineered to eliminate glare, and offers a generous 35 degree cut-off angle.

Super Narrow
Precisely controlled light distribution is essential to illuminating objects and environments attractively.
The MINI series’ super narrow achieves 10 degrees for the perfect spot effect
Make objects stand out with the MINI series’ super narrow.

Attachment and customization

Like the flagship Glare-less series, the MINI series also
comes complete with popular accessories. We also offer
customizations to meet specific project needs and offer
the perfect lighting solution.


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