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Endo DUAL series Outdoor Spotlight


Glare-suppressing spotlight with simple design.
Light distribution and power variation/options for all outdoor projects.

Pursuing the most appropriate cut-off angle
Secured the cut-off angles of 200 for the reflector and 450 for the lens to keep the light-emitting part out of the view-
Also comes standard with the glare control baffle not to call attention to the fixture.
Realizes eye-friendly, comfortable lighting environment

Integrates high-precision reflectors and lenses
The lens located behind the reflector efficiently controls the lights from the source not fully controlled by the reflector alone.

Simple cylinder light body with built-in driver
A light body with built-in driver and a simple cylinder shape without taper. A simple design that synchronizes with the
architectural design without distraction. Line up three sizes for different power

Flat design to prevent collection of water
The frame has no screws, realizing a flat shape with no step to the panel. Because it is difficult for rainwater and dust to
collect, there is less adverse effect on light distribution, and the design considers maintainability

Options for detail requirement
Hood or louver for an advanced glare control can be installed as an option. Unified simple exterior appearance is maintained by the hood design to keep the straight shape when installed.

Installation options
In addition to ready-made arms and spikes, we accept custom orders for straps or clamps used to attach to trees or poles-
* Contact your nearby sales office for details-


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