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Delta SPIX

As a projector for exterior use, Spix has many appearances. It comes as a surface
mounted spotlight, as a version on pin to put in between the greenery or as a bollard with
2 or 3 light units. Like
this, Spix can be used throughout a complete outdoor project, to light up trees,
emphasize architecture or highlight pathways.
Although compact in size, the clever design of Spix offers a solution without any visible
cabling outside of the luminaire. The hinge of the projector not only serves to tilt it into
the wanted direction, it also hides away a passage for the cabling.
IJniform in design, Spix comes in 2 sizes: a smaller 100 version for accent lighting and a
bigger 300 version for more general light. To shield the passerby from looking into the
projector and to reduce unwanted spill light, the bigger version can be finished with a kap
on the front.


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