Delta BAND-OH!adminMay 15, 2023May 15, 2023

Delta BAND-OH!

Shape your wall into a piece of art. The layers of light generated by Band-Oh! provide a
sense of depth onto the surface its being installed on. The light not only hits the wall for a
V-shaped down-up light effect, it also creates a play of light on the fixture itself. the
design of Band-Ohl is made out of several shells above each other. An overlap between 2
layers shieds the light source, while its openess leaves space for reflected light to escape.
The result is a soft glow of light on the inner shell of Band-Ohl generating an optical
illusion of the outer shell freely floating around it.
While the double finish in two shades of black – structured matt and shiny Piano Black –
enhances the layered feeling, the finish in Brushed Old Bronze gets an extra layer of
richness thanks to the soft glow lighting it up.


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