Delta EnteroadminMay 15, 2023May 15, 2023

Delta Entero

Entero is a set of lighting tools enabling architects and designers to create discrete but
diverse lighting schemes, using only one luminaire type throughout the entire project. Any
type of project.
The Entero name comes from the Spanish language and means “complete”. It is thé most
complete product family, created to excel in any environment. A full range of recessed
downlights providing a solution for diverse lighting dilemmas. Any project type: retail,
residential, public, hospitality, art… Any need. Any size. Anywhere.
Entero is engineered to perfection, both for interior and exterior applications. It enables
architects and designers to achieve style continuity throughout the entire project,
applying the same clean sightlines and minimal appearance to damp locations, outside
ceilings and cantilevers.
The brand-new Entero is presented as a set of adjustable luminaires, available in different
power levels, with a multitude of beam angles, with or without trim. For extra flexibility
and project diversity, options such as Soft Dim, Tunable White and wallwash complete
the Entero family.


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