Byart AeroadminMay 18, 2023May 18, 2023

Byart Aero

Aero is mode from highly recyclable materials like aluminum ond gloss. It is o stylish
heater for outdoor lovers. Every component in the Aero heater is optimized for
performance, Thot includes the veito carbon tube producing midwove infrared heat. We
built everything around extruded aluminum designed to maximize thermol capacity,
The Aero heater can be installed on o wall or hanged on a ceiling. It is engineered os o
robust indoor-outdoor heater. The Aero hos 1944 weatherproof design, which means
you con use it for Patios, Terraces, Smol<inq Areas, Conservatories, Restaurants, Hotels,
Bathrooms, Garages, Workshops, Factories, Warehouses and many more.


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