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Shakti Hormann


Hörmann High Speed Doors optimize
the flow of traffic, improve room
conditions and save energy. The range
includes both vertically and horizontally
opening transparent doors with a
flexible curtain. They are available in
combination with sectional doors and
rolling shutters, as well as with service-
friendly spiral doors with smooth
aluminum profiles. These doors also
come with a powerful Frequency
Converter Control (FU) as standard,
which considerably extends the lifespan
of the door’s working parts.
Flexible high-speed doors speed up
workflows and reduce energy costs.
They feature safe door operation and a
long service life thanks to standard
equipment with an FU control, safety
light grille and SoftEdge bottom profile.
In fact, they offer even more benefits:
flexible high-speed doors are low-
maintenance, easy to fit, cost efficient
and therefore economical for daily use.



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