Rosslare Bio 9000adminApril 8, 2023April 8, 2023

Rosslare Bio 9000

For a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, the Rosslare BIO9000 series delivers peace of mind to end-users and installers – offering advanced features like liveness check and facial recognition. BIO9000 biometric terminals provide high accuracy,
with low-false acceptance and low-false-rejection rates to measurably enhance site security.

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The BIO9000 series can store up to 100,000 fingerprint templates, 1,000,000 event logs and up to 10,000 image logs to accommodate large-scale installations.
Fully integrated with Rosslare’s AxTraxPro™ server software, or available with its own standalone software, the BIO9000 also supports RFID smart card and Bluetooth technologies – allowing multi-factor authentication.


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