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Comfort for every season
The sliding panels can be slid in front of the window in warm
weather, automatically or manually. Or you can opt for sliding
panels with tilting blades. These can be closed partially or
completely to keep the sun out. The custom sliding panels give you
freedom to let the sun in or keep it out. And you get extra privacy
as well.

What are sliding panels?
Sliding panels are a form of bLise-sQlejLshadjng with the
flexibility of outdoor blinds. You can decide whether to
slide the panel in front of the window or slide it away
completely. This gives you the freedom to create the best
indoor climate in both summer and winter.

Sliding panels not only add effective solar shading, but also aesthetic added value to your building. Other benefits include:
a) Your sliding panels require little maintenance, and therefore remain in top condition without any effort.
b) Manual operation or a motorized control? In any case, you enjoy ease of use.
c) It will not get too hot in the house while you can draw in the sun’s heat as much as possible during the winter.

Brise soleil shading
Sliding panels are a form of brise soleil shading, also
called brise soleil. The system is fixed to the exterior side
of the house and becomes the perfect calling card for
your exterior faqade. Typical facets include the
architectural added value and the versatile design of
brise soleil shading.


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