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Front mounted roller shutters- Varimaxx-Alulux

The great advantage of front-mounted roller shutters for your windows is that they can be mounted on the exterior
wall without too much effort. The Varimaxx models are installed in the window recess, thus the window opening retains its original size.
And since the insulation layer of the wall structure is not damaged, you don’t have to worry about energy losses.
Why are Alulux front-mounted roller shutters made of aluminium?
We want to furnish your home with the best quality and therefore only work with high-quality materials.
The properties of aluminium are much better suited to the production of front-mounted roller shutters than are those of PVC.
It is not only much more durable, but also corrosion and weather resistant, making it a long-lasting companion.
Aluminium can also be processed with high precision, enabling the production of bespoke front-mounted roller shutters.
Furthermore, aluminium guarantees better colourfastness compared to other materials due to its favourable surface structure.
At Alulux, we leverage all these advantages to produce a quality product “made in Germany”.


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