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Delta FRAX

Light and ambiance is not only for indoors, by combining light and architecture, outdoor
settings also remains vibrant at night. With 7 different light effects and multiple
installation options, Frax has been designed for every aspect of the urban architecture:
any form, any material or any composition.
Frax is based on Delta LightS LED Caset@ technology, which combines multiple LEDs with
individual collimator lenses per LED to generate a clean-cut light distribution.
The individual lenses create a multi-layered light distribution to generate a clean 80 or 140
beam angle.
Other beam angles or other light effects are being obtained by adding microlenses in
front, sculpting the light into a 260 or 470 beam angle or into a linear or wallwash effect.
Visual well-being
Frax not only cares about the perfect light effect, it takes care about the passer-by as
Frax can be provided with an additional honeycomb or a kap to reduce the possibility from
directly looking into the light source.
Both of them reduce any undesired light effect and the glare associated with it.
Made for harsh environments IP65
1K 06 thanks to 5mm thick glass for Frax S
1K 08 thanks to 8 mm thick glass for Frax M
UV-resistant components for extended lifespan
Thermal protector inside to prevent the luminaire from overheating
D-Lock: in-house designed moisture lock to prevent humidity from entering the luminaire
Installation made easy
Apart from the extensive optical possibilities, Frax also offers a range of different
mounting options . Standard, the luminaire comes on a round base but one can also opt to
install the luminaire head on a pin, on a strap or on a simplified bracket. That way, Frax
can easily be transformed to install in between the greenery, around a tree, pole or any
other surface. To facilitate the installation of multiple Frax luminaires, a degree scale is
integrated on the hinge, perfect for precise aiming and a proper repetitive light effect.


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