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Cisco Catalyst IE9300 Rugged Series Switches

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Enterprise-grade capabilities for
your industrial edge
Gain more enterprise network capabilities at the industrial edge and
improve performance, scale, visibility, and security. Incorporating
advanced Cisco switching architectures, the Cisco Catalyst Industrial
Ethernet 9300 Rugged Series switches are built for the most demanding
use cases.

Unprecedented performance
Improve efficiency with higher switching capacity, improved
quality of service (Qos), and high precision time
Industry-leading operational security
Use link encryption, segment your network, and reduce
cyber risk by assessing the security posture of connected
industrial endpoints.
Automated and scalable fabric
Bring the automated and agile Cisco SD-Access fabric to
the IoT edge to enable zero-trust security in operation

Ease of management
Stack up to eight switches to appear as a single switch,
without increasing management complexity.
Granular visibility
Increase uptime with detailed visibility into connected
assets, applications, and network health.
Industrial grade
Multiple redundancy protocols, ruggedization, and industry
certifications make the series suitable for a wide variety of
use cases.


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