Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series SwitchesadminMay 26, 2023May 26, 2023

Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series Switches

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Secure your network from
the inside out
Experience the dream team: Cisco’s
industry-leading security portfolio plus
Talos threat intelligence, Encrypted
Trafic Analytics, trustworthy solutions,
and MACsec encryption.

Set up your network your
Seamlessly integrate with full-stack
programmability from ASIC to OS.
Enable future features without hardware
upgrades, and create exceptional user
experiences with the Cisco DNA Center

Make it highly resilient
Make your network resilient with
exceptional MTBF and high-availability
features such as ISSIJ, GIR, and hot

Gain faster access with a
faster core
Catalyst 9600 Series Switches are
twice as fast and offer twice the
capacity of traditional switches.


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