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Came Flap Barrier

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Slope cylinder bridge type swing gate turnstile, the housing width is small so that it can save the space. The turnstile looks
elegant, comfortable and harmonious.
The housing is made of high quality stainless steel, and all the internal parts are with antirust and antiseptic treatment,
therefore; the turnstile is durable_ The whole machine works stably mute, with low power consumption, energy conservation
and environment protection.
• By using more than 10 pairs of military level high-performance infrared sensors, it can accurately achieve many functions,
such as anti-tailgating, detect illegal passing, anti-clamping and anti-bruising, direction-judgment function and so on.
• Use the multiple anti-clamping designs to protect the personal safety of passengers in maximum limit
• Provide the control software for human-machine interface and SDK protocol freely. It can achieve batch control and
debugging function conveniently and the expansibility is very strong.
• It is suitable for the high-end indoor occasions such as business office. It is not suitable for outdoors.


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