akuvox X912adminApril 14, 2023April 14, 2023

akuvox X912

• SIP VI (RFC2543), SIP v2 (RFC3261)
Narrowband audio codec: GRI 1 a, G 711 W
• Wideband audio codec: G722
• DTMF In-band, out-of-band DTMF (RFC2833), SIP Info
Echo Cancellation
Voice Activation Detection
Comfort Noise Generator
• Sensor 1/2.8″, CMOS for main camera
• Pixels: QCIF, VGA, 4ClF, 720p, 1080′)
• Video codec: H 264
• Video technology HDR
• Video resolution: up to 1920×1080
• Max. image transfer rate: 1080p — 30fps
• Viewing angle: / 65′(V)
• Compatible to 3rd-Patty-Video components, e.g. NVRs


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